“I used to be much muchier, but then I lost my Muchness.”  Can you relate?

We all go through periods in our lives where we feel we’ve lost our “Muchness”….

What is Muchness? Muchness, is the energy, the life, the spark of positivity that fuels our days, our imaginations, our confidence.

Where can we find Muchness? All around us. Muchness is found in the little things, the MuchnessMoments that pop into your day and bring with them a little bit of light, joy, color and fun.

Sadly, so often we forget to take the time to see these moments of positivity. We walk around in the gray, dull, routines of our days. We forget what we are capable of. We forget that there is fire inside of us. We forget that we can choose how we feel, and how we see the world.

Muchness bands are a physical reminder of the light and joy that surrounds us, even when we are in the midst of grief or sadness.

The Muchness Movement is more than just a collection of inspiring, colorful, happy making accessories, it is a lifestyle choice. To introduce color, sparkle and creativity into your days and set the stage for your Muchness to find you.  When you create little moments of joy – even if they are manufactured, superficial or forced, it reminds your heart & soul what that joy can feel like on a truer, deeper level… even when you are in the depths of grief or sadness.

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