Muchness Signature Necklace – Pre-designed for you


Muchness Custom necklaces are beautifully and meaningfully gift boxed and designed to be “Little bits of light to help you find your way through darkness.”  Each Swarovski encrusted bead carries a meaningful sentiment which is expressed on the inside cover of the gift box, so every Muchness necklace tells a story and just like it’s owner, is truly unique.  The gift box is marked by color with tiny Swarovski crystals and is imprinted with the poem below.

I know that writing a story in a necklace can be hard, (especially when all the colors are so pretty!) so I have created these “one-click” options for you, and the people with whom you want to share the Muchness.

If you’d like to fully customize your necklace, please click here.  

I created these necklaces to be an inspiring and thoughtful gift for someone navigating through a hard time, or a token of inspiration for yourself, because sometimes we all need a a little help to remember we shine.   -Tova Gold

*Currently taking preorders, limited quantities available. Please allow 2 weeks for customization.
I love to know the stories and people behind the products as I make them. Please feel free to leave a note in the checkout box with a little bit about you, the recipient, or what inspired you to design your necklace the way you did. xo, Tova

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From the top of your head, to the tips of your toes,
a small bit of MUCHNESS a long way goes. 

The theory, of course, goes something like this,
When you see it sparkle, remember your bliss. 

Remember there’s light and that beauty abounds,
even though inside darkness it’s hard to be found.

Remember your radiance comes from within,
the people you love and the places you’ve been.

That passions and talents and quirks that are yours,
when you own them and share them your inner light soars.

So reach for this piece when you’re sad or you’re blue,
and remember that someone’s light shines out of you. 
-Tova Gold


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